Springbrook Bible Chapel

Life after Death Lecture

Sept. 29 thru Oct 5, 2019

                        Attend a week-long lecture detailing Man’s Road To Eternity

           Using the Two Roads and Two Destinies timeline our speaker will expound on
           mankind’s journey from birth to eternity as detailed in God’s Word, the Bible.

                                                  Answers given from the Bible:


                           Is there proof that the Bible is God’s Word?
                                     Do babies or young children go to Heaven when they die?
                                     How good is good enough?

                                     Can I know for sure I will be in Heaven?
                                     Can I lose my salvation?
                                     What if I wait until I die to know the truth?
                                     What “works” will a person be judged for?
                                     What does 666 represent?
                                     What is the Battle of Armageddon?

Many more. (bring your questions or email them to us ahead of time)


Free, All welcome, No collections, No donations,

Supervision/Activities for children provided

Every evening Sept. 29 thru Oct 5, 2019

7-8pm – light snack afterwards

                                              390 Center Road, West Seneca NY.
                              (Across the street from the West Seneca Middle School)